Sq1 has been working with the Trail Blazers for the past 3 seasons as their Paid Media Agency of Record to drive primary/pack ticket sales. Rather than relying on intent-based tactics to compete with ticket resellers, the Blazers asked Sq1 to create a strategy for a proactive approach to customer acquisition. Over the past year, Sq1 has integrated the Blazers’ ticket/venue data to activate personalized paid media campaigns that target new prospects not currently in their marketing funnel.


Using the past 4 seasons of ticket data, Sq1 created customer segments that group customers by behavior and product interest. Once segmented, Sq1 activated social/nurture tactics to find prospects with similar interests as well as retarget current customers with specific offers.

Dimension: Product

• “Transplant Customers” – Past purchasers that have purchased multiple tickets to the same opposing team

• “Big Game Hunter” – Past purchasers who tend to buy games with the strongest opponents

• “Cheap Seats” – Past purchasers who tend to buy games with low-cost seats

• “MVP Observer” – Past purchasers who tend to only buy games with big name stars

Dimension: Time

• Group customers by purchase month – Past purchases that have shown a higher propensity to purchase in a specific month

• Group customers by daypart – Past purchasers that have shown a higher propensity to purchase on weekdays or weekends

Dimension: Purchase History

• “Impulse Buyers” – Past purchasers who tend to purchase at the last minute

• “Buy a Season Ticket Already” – Past purchasers who have purchased multiple games throughout each season

• “Been Awhile” – Past purchasers who haven’t purchased in multiple seasons

Sq1 has been instrumental in making it easier than ever for Portland fans to buy Trail Blazers tickets. And with Sq1’s assistance with our digital marketing strategy, we’ve become one of the NBA’s most innovative teams in this space.

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