Papa Murphy’s is well versed in traditional marketing tactics, but as competition grew, the need for a stronger digital presence was at an all-time high. For that, they relied on Sq1 to create an integrated marketing campaign and pioneer the first national Papa Murphy’s digital advertising campaign.


Sq1 worked with Papa Murphy’s International to create a three-tiered, national, integrated marketing campaign covering two dozen markets. The campaign utilized more than seven marketing channels, including Spot TV, Digital Display, Paid Search, and Social. By taking full control of the conversion funnel, Sq1 was able to offer brand support in low-awareness markets while still driving onsite engagement with digital incentives that led to in-store sales.


Through extensive coupon testing, Sq1 was able to flight campaigns based on the campaign’s highest-performing coupons and provided invaluable insights for future initiatives. In addition to coupon testing, Sq1 tested PMI value propositions to help spread the word on the unique take ‘n’ bake concept.

Sq1 created a responsive coupon landing page, which tracked a half-dozen forms of site engagement, including coupon downloads, store searches and menu engagements.

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