Mimi's Cafe


Sq1 completed a pilot activation for Mimi’s Café, a French-inspired restaurant chain with 145 locations. Over the past two years, Mimi’s has experienced declining sales and traffic and asked Sq1 to create a digital marketing campaign designed to improve same-store sales and drive incremental traffic to a strategically selected cohort of stores.

Location Strategy

Sq1 proposed spatial modeling, in this case store scoring to ensure that Mimi’s was driving paid media exposure to deserving stores capable of generating an incremental lift in traffic. To do this, Sq1 onboarded Mimi’s operational data to identify a cross-section of stores that would receive media support.

Targeting Strategy

Sq1 integrated Mimi’s Café sales and traffic data, customer engagement, customer satisfaction and third-party competitive intelligence data to activate an integrated marketing program designed around these custom segments. Using Facebook/Instagram as the media vehicle, Sq1 created specific campaigns around each of Mimi’s key dayparts to provide a personalized experience throughout the marketing funnel.

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